A Girl Named Calamity: Venison Stew

The last book to be reviewed this year is Danielle Lori’s fantasy A Girl Named Calamit that was released July 2016.  It was a fun read and the storyflow was good. Calamity has lived a sheltered life and the only thing out of the ordinary are the silver cuffs on her wrist, that she’s never to take off. Then one night, she wakes up startled and that’s how the adventure begins…

With a weight settling on my heart, I mounted my horse. I looked up at the Star of Truth and whispered for it to take me to Cameron City. The horse’s hooves hit the soft ground as I rode away fom the comfort of our cottage.

I didn’t look back.

(Danielle Lori: A Girl Named Calamity, 8% Kindle edition)

The journey that Calamity and Weston were on inspired this hearty winter stew. It takes time to prepare but the taste is delicious.


A Girl Named Calamity (Alyria #1)A Girl Named Calamity by Danielle Lori
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Calamity has lived a sheltered life. Her mother has abandoned her and she has bo knowledge of her father. Her grandmother has raised her and they have lived a simple life on their little farm.

One night Calamity wakes up startled and finds out that her mother has done something irrevocable. Her grandmother has no choice but to send her on a journey and she has little time to explain everything. Calamity has always known that magic exists and she has always known, that she has none in her. Untill this fateful night when she finds out that she, as the matter of fact, is the map and the key to find and release the magic sealed in to the ground.

First she needs an escort. And out of all possible people, the one that agrees to take her to Undaley City, where she can be protected, is an assassin and ex-Titan. Westons motives to escorting her are unknown at first but got to say, that he’s intriguing character. He is a mystery in the beginning of the book and he’s still a mystery, when finishing the book. I wish to have learned at least a bit more of him in this first Alyria – book.

The story begins on good pace and the flow of the story is natural. I liked the worldbuilding, the different cities and the chemistry between Weston and Calamity – there are definitely sparks flying in the air.

What got boring was that there’s a pattern. Calamity acts like a naive brat – she gets into trouble – Weston saves her – Weston is angry and they argue – and the journey continues. And this happens again and again, just the town and the trouble changes.

But other than that, A Girl Named Calamity, was a good fantasy story and the cliffhanger endind ensures that I’ve got to read the second book too.



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