A Touch of Midnight: Full English breakfast

The Breed males don’t eat food but the Breedmates do. I got the inspiration from the first Midnight Breed -book I read. And of course, A Touch of Midnight is Gideons novella, so full English breakfast is the only way to go.

“Besides”, Eva went on, “there was only a little bit of smoke this time. I swear that alarm hates me.”

“It’s all right, baby,” Rio said around rich laughter. “Cooking has never been your best quality. Look at the upside, at least no one got hurt.”

“Tell that to their breakfast,” Gideon said wryly. He picked up the skillet of charred eggs and sausage from the stove and dumped the mess into the trash.

(Lara Adrian: A Touch of Midnight, pb p. 34)

My version of this turned out great and only mess was in the kitchen sink. The sausages
I used were Finnish sausages that have almost 90% meat percentage. And the eggs I picked up from a farm nearby.

Ingredients to full English breakfast

baked beans, the recipe is here
button mushrooms (champignons)

1. Start with the baked beans the day before as they take time. The recipe is for quite large amount, so just put the left overs to the freezer.
2. The bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and sausages I grilled on my electric barbecue. Eggs were fried in a pan. Any way one likes to prepare them is okay.

A Touch of Midnight (Midnight Breed, #0.5)A Touch of Midnight by Lara Adrian
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book was my introduction to the Midnight Breed (I admit, I have a obsession about reading order) and it definitely got me hooked to the series. I was little skeptical at first after having read Black Dagger Brotherhood – books. What I had heard, the lore was somewhat similar: brotherhood of vampire warriors (the Order), each haunted by their past, sworn to protect their race from its enemies (Rogues)… But Adrian has original perspective to how the vampires originate. The rules of vampire’s existence are more traditional in comparison to Ward’s. My fears of too much similarity were unfounded.

A Touch of Midnight is a story of Savannah and Gideon happening in 1974. Savannah gets the first hint of Breed existence through her gift of being able to “see” objects past by touching them. In her studies she stumbles across a medieval sword, that happens be the same sword that played crucial part in Gideon’s past. And that sword brings them together (view spoiler)[ and also breaks them apart (hide spoiler)].

This is definitely a HEA story and Savannah and Gideon are on the spotlight. But other intriguing members of the Order are also introduced to the reader and I found Tegan especially fascinating. Along with romance, there is action, suspense and life changing decisions to be made.

I like the way Adrian gives readers information of characters background, no rambling but still enough to explain where they come from. A Touch of Midnight is a novella and some parts of it seemed a bit rushed (I would have liked to read 50 to 100 pages more), but I enjoyed reading it. Adrian is talented and fluent writer.

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