Andrew C. Jaxson & The Unseen series coming in November 2017!

I was quite excited, when I got the opportunity to read Andrew C. Jaxson’s prequel to The Unseen -series, The Dark Unseen – novella. It was well written, scary and playing with dark notes in my mind. I hold The Dark Unseen as a promise of what’s to come and I’m eagerly waiting.

The voice comes from everywhere, and nowhere. It’s familiar, but I’m not sure why. It crawls around my feet, up my legs, around my neck. The voice slithers in my ear. There are a thousand tendrils, an icy finger, and a face, an awful, impossible face I’d forgotten until now.  (14% Kindle edition)

If you want to read and decide for yourself, you can get a free copy from his website ⇒ .

The Dark Unseen (Unseen Series, #0.5)The Dark Unseen by Andrew C. Jaxson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Dark Unseen is the prequel to the Unseen series, the first episode The Fire Unseen is released in November 2017.

The Dark Unseen is a perfect teaser for the new series, it gave away almost nothing but still enough to keep me interested and wanting to continue reading the series.

Three friends go camping in the mountains, probably their last time together before going into adulthood. They have a good time until the night sets in. For one of them, Hud, something in the air feels familiar and not in a right way. There’s something in the shadows, keeping an eye on them…

I loved how scary the novella was, and it was mostly due to very well built ambiance, hinting of the evil but never wholly revealing it. And the ending… genius way the get the reader hooked. I know I am and I’m just dying to find out the all the truths that were only implications in the novella.

Andrew C. Jackson has a talent for horror and writing in general. The flow of the novella is good, and characters are interesting, and the plot is thrilling with enough twists and turns to hold the reader’s attention ’till the very last page.


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