Anne Malcom: Skeletons of Us

Skeletons of Us is the second book in the Unquiet Mind – series by Anne Malcom. Here’s my review of the excellent book.

Skeletons of Us (Unquiet Mind #2)Skeletons of Us by Anne Malcom
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Skeletons of Us continues where Echoes of Silence ended. The second book in the Unquiet Mind -series. I read the book in one sitting, Anne Malcom knows how to hold the reader’s interest.

“I had to let you go, so you could fly and so I could stay in the life that was the only one I could live in without you.” (39% Kindle edition).

This is how Killian explains his actions to Lexie, and it takes a while before Lexie understands the meaning behind those words. It takes almost the whole book, a couple of life threatening situations and few swoon worthy moments for Lexie to realize where she belongs.

Of the characters, I loved Zane, Sam, and Noah. I’d like to read Noah’s story, and I want him to find love, to find the courage to live as his true self. Skeleton of Us has many layers, and it had more depth both character and story wise compared to Echoes of Silence. I enjoyed reading it and was happy how Anne Malcom concluded Lexie’s and Killian’s story.

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