Blood Vow: Bitty’s Mint & Chocolate Ice-Cream Cake

I really loved J.R. Ward’s Blood Vow, the second book in the Black Dagger Legacy -series. It had moments of that old school BDB feel to it and it felt good. I’ve missed the Brothers and it looks like we’re getting them back, although slowly. So, the only question I have now (and I’ve been asking this several years now); when is it Phury’s turn? He needs and deserves some serious page time!

But back to the Blood Vow. It was Rhage & Mary & Bitty vol.2. And maybe it was too much, but in exchange we got a lot Brotherhood action and finally we may have been introduced to Saxton’s HEA. Woot woot! The quote I chose features Ruhn, Bitty’s uncle, Rhage and the Brotherhood way of thinking that I love so much.

Ruhn rubbed his forehead like it hurt. “Wait, I’m grateful and all. But why would you do this? I’m nothing to you. I’m a nobody.”

“Bullshit,” Rhage said. “You’re family.”

(J.R. Ward: Blood Vow, 91% Kindle edition)

But where’s Rhage, there’s bound to be a lot of talk about food and the ice-cream talk in Blood Vow inspired this recipe.







Blood Vow (Black Dagger Legacy, #2)Blood Vow by J.R. Ward
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow! Finally, finally we get some of the old Brotherhood atmosphere back. That alone is worth of four stars.

Blood Vow is Elise’s and Axe’s story and Mary & Rhage & Bitty pt.2. It was a hard read at times because of these two point of views that had essentially nothing to do with each other. Like two independent stories jammed and intertwined between one set of covers. But still I liked it a lot.

Why? Because Ward has written that long lost, badly missed Brotherhood interaction. The good kind witty dialogue and the family feeling that’s been missing. So no matter how I disliked the idea of continuation to Bitty’s story, I’ve got to love it because it brought the family back together.

I’m not that passionate about Bitty, her character evokes zero feelings in me. But I accept her because she got us more Rhage time than in a long time. And you just got to love Rhage and his devotion to Mary – Ward writes that beautifully. And I think that Ward has succeeded in showing Rhages growth from a reckless warrior into a responsible parent.

Oh, and lessers and fighting in the streets have returned to the books as well. Good ol’ days!

And what comes to Elise and Axe. Well, the storyline is old – working class boy meets an upper class girl and they have to fight against the society’s prejudice and their own beliefs if they want to make it. There was definitey some Rehvenge/Ehlena resemblances. But still it was good reading and kept the other trainees in focus too.

Peyton and Novo are interesting. Am I the only one that thinks that Peyton has that Phury feel to him? Trying to fill the void and numb the pain any way he can and feeling the agony as the one you love is the one you can never have.

In Blood Vow Warden takes the reader from a library to a sex club and the whole literary ride is very enjoyable blend of action, hot and sexy in front of a fireplace – scenes, witty dialogue and some guaranteed to make you laugh (and cry) Lassiter scenes.

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