Carian Cole: No Tomorrow coming Sept. 13th!

Finally it is almost here, Carian Cole’s long awaited stand-alone No Tomorrow.The release has been postponed but now the date is set, September 13th it will be live.


It was worth the wait, Carian has perfected raw, beautiful, unhinged and sweet story. No Tomorrow is a heart-wrenching story, a hurricane of emotions that will leave you breathless.

No TomorrowNo Tomorrow by Carian Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There’s a myth that if a man and a woman see a ladybug, at the same time, they’ll fall in live and are destined to be together forever. (Loc 342 Kindle edition)

Is there a more beautiful way to start a love story? No there isn’t and No Tomorrow is a love story, but nothing prepares you for the emotional tornado that is the story of Piper and Blue. There’s an instant connection between them, and only with each other, they feel complete. Their love is divine, and at the same time it is toxic, and from the highest heaven, it plummets down into the deepest pits of hell.

Call it lust or love. Call it whatever you want. I’m in deep. I’m drowning in him, and no lifeboat is coming to save me. (Loc 1150 Kindle edition)

This is not a story you can devour; it will swallow you, chew your heart into little pieces and spit them into an unrecognizable bloody pile. But as you read along, the journey of these amazing characters will restore your heart and faith in the almighty power of love.

No Tomorrow is beautifully written, I had to put it down at times just to catch my breath, you get so immersed into the story that the characters’ emotions become your own. Now I know why Carian didn’t want to rush the story, it was worth the wait. All the imperfections of Blue and Piper make No Tomorrow perfect.

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