Echoes of Silence: Sweet Liquorice Cake

Echoes of Silence is sort of part of the Anne Malcom’s Sons of Templar – series which I haven’t read (yet). It is the first book in the Unquiet Mind -series. And I learned this only after reading the Echoes of Silence, so I had no expectations for this book. I’ve read her Fatal Harmony novel and I do like her style a lot.

Echoes of Silence is a novel, where the story is told by Lexie, a smart teenager who is ‘far too wise for her years. And then she meets a boy, who’s been through a lot and who considers the Sons of Templar to be his only family. Two scarred souls, immediately feeling the connection, the inevitable pull towards each other. How does their story end? Echoes of Silence end with a cliffhanger and their story will continue in Skeletons of Us

This blog post was inspired by Lexie’s mom, who definitely had a sweet tooth. All along the story, she was nibbling something sweet and it was mystery how she didn’t lose her figure on such diet.


Echoes of Silence (Unquiet Mind, #1)Echoes of Silence by Anne Malcom
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Echoes of Silence is the first book in the Unquiet Mind -series by Anne Malcom. As I’ve learned, it is a spin-off of her Sons of Templar MC -series and tells the story that has already partially been told in the Out of the Ashes. Only this time the POV is Lexie’s, a sixteen-year-old daughter of Mia Spencer.

I like how Anne Malcom writes. It is always effortless, the story flows naturally and she paints beautiful pictures with her words. And all that is true in Echoes of Silence too.

This is the story of a high-school girl, who is a musical genius and far too wise for her age. She meets Killian, a seventeen-year-old boy that considers Sons of Templar MC his home and family. She’s hundred percent sure that Killian’s Her Person, the one and only. And he is until he isn’t. There’s a cliffhanger and the story continues in the second book.

So, there’s nothing wrong with Malcom’s writing but the story line… I’m just too old to read and be interested in high school girl’s life. Young Adult is so not my genre. And there are these contradictions that bothered me, like teenagers acting like they possess the wisdom of 100-year old. Just not plausible. And how many life-threatening events can happen to one family? I feel that the story had potential that was just left unexploited.

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