Ellie Masters: Becoming His

The Collective series has reached its eight episode. Ellie Masters has written Becominh His, the sequel to Learning to Breathe.

We are no closer catching the serial killer after this episode, but I enjoyed the book nevertheless.

Becoming His, Learning to Breathe: Part Two - The Collective - Season 1, Episode 8Becoming His, Learning to Breathe: Part Two – The Collective – Season 1, Episode 8 by Ellie Masters
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Becoming His continues Sally’s and Derek’s story that begun in Learning To Breathe.

“Red or green?”
For a breathless moment, Sally struggled. This wasn’t a ‘hello, I missed you.’ It was a declaration of intent and what a way to set a mood? The tone of his voice demanded an answer, and she found herself mute. (14% Kindle edition)

Red or green? Derek demands an answer from Sally, but she’s hesitant, the struggle between what her heart feels and what the logic of her brain tells her to do is almost too much. Derek wants her complete surrendering, but she has started to live independent and be strong alone. Could she trust Derek enough to give him the reins of her life?

Elli Masters does a good job describing the insecurities of Sally getting to know the BDSM-scene and lifestyle, and I enjoy her style of writing.

Apart from being a story of first steps in a Dom/Sub -relationship, Becoming His is part of TheCollective -series, and it is supposed to carry that story on too. And that’s the reason for my disappointment. All the clues and hints concerning the Collective -story were already told in the previous books, nothing really big or exciting was revealed. But in favor of Ellie Masters, I have to say that she included The Collective -story into her own seamlessly. The two story lines intertwined well, I just wished that something new would have been told.

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