Hattie Hunt: Bear Moon

I admit that I’m not a huge fan of shifter books, it requires talent to write them uniquely and in a interesting way. Well, actually this applies to all genres but in my case, it takes a lot to make me interested in shifter romance and have me invest time to read one.

I was glad that I got offered to read Bear Moon written by Hattie Hunt. Actually, Hattie Hunt is collobration of two authors; S.M. Blooding and Alivia Patton ⇒  read more  I enjoyed this book, because although it was a shifter romance, it was so much more. I loved how the main couple was surrounded by other characters, which made the story rich and vivid.

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Bear MoonBear Moon by Hattie Hunt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bear Moon isn’t just a shifter romance, it has many magical things going on, and it is set in the same settings as S.M. Blooding’s Whiskey Witches.

I liked the story and the many characters. The world is built very well, and the story flows smoothly. It also has an interesting view on shifters and especially on padfoots; what they are and what they represent.

When Ripley returns to her uncle’s funeral, she has no intention to stay. Her old hometown has nothing for her, well, except Joe, a bear shifter. Ripley refuses to acknowledge the fire that rekindles the moment they meet again. She only knows how to run, and she has no intention to change her ways now.

Circumstances force her to stay, her help is needed and deep inside she doesn’t want to leave Joe. Ever. She just doesn’t know how it would be possible for her to stay. Hattie Hunt describes Ripley’s inner struggle well, as a reader you want to courage her to acknowledge the fact that she has an important role in her community if she only accepted who she truly is.

Bear Moon is a story of romance, courage, and growth. It is a story of overcoming prejudice and learning to trust, and to me, Bear Moon represented a story of being true to yourself and embrace the person that you are, nevertheless who your inner creature is.

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