Into the Nothing: Bacon Burger with Whisky Mayonnaise

Social media is a beautiful thing, mostly because through my acquaintances there, I regularly discover authors that I’ve never read before. BT Urruela is one of them. Sure I’ve seen his photos, but before now, I never knew he was an author too.

He is a damn good writer too if his debut novel Into the Nothing is anything to judge by. I loved it. Into the  Nothing was a refreshing read because it had strong male POV and the mixture of romance and thriller. Into the Nothing is not a traditional romance and to find out how the characters end up, you’ll have to read the second book in the Broke Outlaw series, Into the Blood.

The only thing that did put me off was the massive substance abuse in the book; there’s no glory in that. But on the other hand, all the whisky that was drunk inspired the dish for this blog post. And I love single malt Islay whiskies.

Here’s the recipe for the hamburger buns⇒here

Into the Nothing (Broken Outlaw, #1)Into the Nothing by B.T. Urruela
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the story of Paige and Xander, mainly Xander.

Xander is on his way to meet his sister, whom he has been separated from since childhood. On the way, he makes a pit stop in a small town. It is supposed to be for one night only, but fate decides otherwise. In a local bar, he meets Paige, and that meeting sets wheels of fate into motion. Xander or anybody else is unable to prevent the events that begin to unravel on the moment his and Paige’s eyes meet.

“A pair of piercing blue eyes catch mine before I’m smart enough to avert my gaze. She’s not offended though. She’s smiling, and for a brief moment, we connect.” (4% Kindle edition)

I enjoyed this book. Everything was in the balance. There was enough backstory to give the characters depth; no mundane ramblings were filling the pages. The story had many layers; romance, suspense, friendship, betrayal, and they were intertwined well. I loved how the story takes unexpected turns, and as a reader, you have these suspicions and ideas of who’s to blame, and then things happen you never saw coming. B.T. Urruela knows how to hold the reader’s interest and keep the book glued in their hand right until the last page.

The flow of the story was effortless, and the pace was just right. What I enjoyed immensely, where the family scenes in the Watson household. I just loved the interaction between Paige, her mom, and dad. I think that B.T. Urruela has captured very deep affection between family members.




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