Jeff Altabef: Devil’s Den coming 5th November!

Devil’s Den is Jeff Altabef’s latest creation, and I love it!

After sixteen years in the army, Steven has returned to his hometown to find out the truth, about everything. In my imagination, the streets that Steven roams, are like the ones in the first Crow movie. The darkness swallows everything, and the constant rain whips the roads, like punishing the human kind for what they’ve become.

All hope is not lost though short-lived moments seem to slip through his fingers like sand. Does he have the strength to fight his inner urges or is he to succumb to his dark side?

You’ll find out on the 5th November when this thrilling novel is released!

Devil's Den (A Nephilim Thriller, #1)Devil’s Den by Jeff Altabef
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Devil’s Den is the first book in Jeff Altabef’s new series and it is good. Actually better than good, it’s a five-star ride into a world where demons and angels exist among humans.

The world, that Jeff Altabef has built, is dark and sinister, only fleeting moments of hope. Steven joined the army after his mother killed his father and claimed he was a demon. Now, 16 years later, Steven sees demons and the dark side tempts him.

It’s been two weeks, six days, and seven hours since I last killed someone. Pity, I really wanted to reach three weeks.
(Loc 253 Kindle edition)

Now Steven is back, trying to track down his mother and find out the truth about his father. One text message from a person he left behind sixteen years ago changes his search into a rescue mission. A teenage girl has gone missing and he has to find her before it is too late. When the truth behind her disappearance is slowly revealed Steven realizes that the battle between good and evil is fought on all levels and all the bets are off.

Devil’s Den is a thriller combined with paranormal and dystopian and maybe even some apocalyptical aspects too. It may sound like a lot, but it is all perfectly weaved into an amazing story. From the first page until the very last, Devil’s Den has a tight hold of the reader and there’s no other choice than keep reading. Putting the book down is simply not an option.

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