LS Anders: Vex

LS Anders, the author of Exotic Ink -series, has launched an Exotic Ink -spin-off. The new series is also located in New York and built around a tattoo shop, Mythical Ink. The difference is that Mythical Ink is a paranormal romance.

Some of the characters have already been quickly introduced in Exotic Ink – books but now LS has opened the vault, and the doors to her paranormal world are wide open. And what an intriguing and exciting world it is. I enjoyed Vex very much, it was a refreshing read, and I really liked LS’ take on the world of myths resurrected.

I think that Vex is her best book so far (there are many more coming), her writing has improved, and the flow of the story was very good in Vex.

Vex (Mythical Ink Series #1)Vex by L.S. Anders
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! What a start for a new series! Vex was brilliant!

LS Anders has taken a leap into the world of paranormal and landed perfectly. She has created a world with demons, fairies, angels, and shifters that could actually exist. Mythical Ink is my new favorite PNR.

A demon and a fairy. Not a likely couple. He tries to fight the attraction, and she’s determined to have him. I loved Vex and Alea together, their chemistry is flammable, leaving a trail of fire behind them.

In Vex, everything is beautifully balanced. Romance, action, friendship, family… there is nothing too much nor too little; Vex is an incredible combo of interesting, versatile characters and perfectly flowing storyline.

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