Passion Restored: Carne Asada

I received an ARC of Passion Restored and I have to admit, I was quite excited since I loved Love Restored, the first book in the Gallagher Brothers – series.

I was happy to read about the brothers again and I like Carrie Ann Ryan’s writing style. She has a unique voice and no one writes the bearded grumpy guys better than her. Passions Restored is a good book, I just wish she would take the stories a notch deeper and not be so hasty at resolving things.

Carne asada is something that the brothers enjoyed together at lunch near their work site.

Passion Restored (Gallagher Brothers, #2)Passion Restored by Carrie Ann Ryan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Passion Restored is the second book in Carrie Ann Ryan’s Gallagher Brothers – series. It is the story of Owen Gallagher, the one who likes to keep everything organized.

He’s happy for his brothers that have found love in their lives and now he feels he’s ready to settle down too. Little does he know when a woman catches his eye in a bar. An accident later, their paths cross again in a hospital where she’s his nurse. To top all that, she and her best friend have bought a house next to his. So, talking about fate….

Liz is independent, hard-working nurse. She just wants to do her job and keep her life in neat order, every sorted out. Her best friend encourages her to live a little but she finds it hard because letting loose equals losing control and that is not going happen if she’s got any say in it. And besides, if her past is any indication, she’s already doomed and all relationships lead to heartbreak.

Thanks to Owen’s persistence, they finally get together. Owen is passionate, straightforward and loyal. He’s not backing down, not even when Liz does everything to push him away. He’s her bearded prince, a knight in shiny armor.

The writing itself is worth five stars, I love the Carrie Ann Ryan’s way with words. She describes emotions and events that truly makes the reader lose oneself in the story. I love the interaction between the Gallagher brothers, they are a tight-knit family, always looking after each other. Graham will always be the one for me but Murphy is definitely intriguing and I can’t wait to read his story. The characters I’d give three stars, I loved their complex lives but I’d have wanted them to have little more depth. There’s so much more going on beneath the surface and I had hoped for deeper dive into their minds and lives. I just hope that we’ll see them in books to come. My only disappointment was how hastily some events were solved (Owen’s accident, the thing with Roland company and its connection to Liz), when they had so much potential to deepen the story.

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