Preparations pt.5: Chinese Pancakes

I just finished Kade’s Dark Embrace by Kym Grosso and that gave an idea of Chinese food I’m going to make for my next book post. Chinese pancakes are required for the serving of the dish, so here goes…

The Recipe
275 g wheat flour
2,5 dl boiling water
2 tbs sesame oil

1. Measure the wheat flour into a bowl and add the boiling water. Mix with wooden spoon until water is absorbed. Then knead the dough for 5-8 minutes until firm. Cover  and set in a fridge for half an hour.
2. Take the dough and knead it (dust the surface first with flour). Then roll it into 3 cm thick sausage. Divide it into 16 pieces. Place them under a towel or plastic wrap.
3. Roll each dough piece into a ball and flatten them with your palm. Then oil the topsideswith sesame oil and place two flattened dough pieces atop another oiled surfaces facing. Roll them intoa paperthin pancakes. While working, cover the dough not in use and rolled pancakes with plastic wrap or towel.
4. When you have 8 pancakes, heat a frying pan. Fry each pancake on low to medium heat on a dry pan until it puffs up (it takes about a minute) and turn it over. Careful not to burn pancakes, there should be only light brown spots each side.
5. When fried, set a pancake on a tray and separate into two layers. This is the hard part and my succesratio was about 50 %.
6. Serve with chinese food. You can also store them in freezer and serve them steamed.

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