Michelle Bryan & M. Lynn: Prophecy of Darkness

Sometimes it is refreshing to dive into the world of young. It is not always care-free but always exciting. That’s exactly what Prophecy of Darkness was, first part of the intriguing journey of four people trying to save their world from the darkness.

I have always loved good fantasy and Prophecy of Darkness didn’t let me down. YA isn’t the genre I primarily prefer, but a good story is still a good story regardless of the style.

Prophecy of Darkness (Legends of the Tri-Gard, #1)Prophecy of Darkness by Michelle Bryan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Prophecy of Darkness is an exciting adventure that I recommend to all who love YA fantasy.

Michelle Bryan and Michelle Lynn have created a world where magic, scheming, betrayal, courage and love collide.

After a slow start, the story gathers momentum and from the there one, it’s a wild ride. Trystan is the Toha, prince, and protector of the Dreach-Sciene. His people are suffering, without magic, they are all facing starvation and war. The only thing that can save them is to restore the Tri-Guard and bring back the magic.

He sets out on the dangerous journey with his second-in-command Davi, his sister Princess Rissa and their party is completed with traitors daughter, Alixa. These four young hopes of the Dreach-Sciene face many perils, but they bravely continue on their path because they are the ones who can forestall the darkness taking over.

Prophecy of Darkness is well-written fantasy with interesting characters and very unexpected plot twists.

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