Raziel: Meatloaf

Raziel is the first book in the Fallen series by Kristina Douglas. I picked it from my friends to-read -list on GoodReads. The book has interesting backstory; the fallen angels fighting the Nephilim and occasionally escorting dead people to either heaven or hell… The first book is about an angel, Raziel and human woman Allegra. I won’t go to details here, but it was supposed to be ordinary day at work for both of them, little did they know…

This dish was prepared quite in the early pages of the book for Allie. She requested for it, but it was only to irritate Raziel, one of the fallen angels. And if you’ll decide to read the book, you’ll find Allie to be quite a piece of work.

I decided to be difficult, simply because I could. Besides, my need for comfort food had become critical. “Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, strawberry shortcake for dessert. And nice Beringer cabernet.”
“You want champagne with your strawberries? Red wine is little heavy for dessert.”
He was being sarcastic, of course, but I simply nodded. “Of course. Moët, I think. No need to go overboard with Dom Pérignon.”
(Kristina Douglas: Raziel, Kindle Edition 20%)

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The Recipe
1 kg minced meat (I like venison)
250 g white onions
4 cloves of garlic
2 dl Greek yoghurt
1 dl oatmeal
100 g sun-dried tomatoes
140 g bacon
2-4 eggs depending on their size
2 tsp smoked paprika powder
2 tsp salt
ground black pepper

1. Mix the spices with the yoghurt and add oatmeals. Preheat the oven to 200 ‘C.
2. Peel the onions and garlic and chop them fine.
3. Chop the bacon. Heat a frying pan and fry the bacon in small batches and then set aside.
4. Sauté the onions and garlic in the bacon fat.
5. Add the fried bacon, the sautéed onions and the minced meat to the yoghurt mixture. Knead the mixture to achieve even consistence.
6. Wet your hands and form two loaves on a baking tray.
7. Bake the meatloaf for about 40 – 45 minutes.
8. Best served with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.

Raziel (The Fallen, #1)Raziel by Kristina Douglas

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a story of Allegra, a woman who gets hit by a bus and Raziel, the fallen angel. I didn’t know that fallen angels were blood-eaters, but I’m wiser now. Their love story is somewhat predictable but it’s everything but boring. I loved the tension, the fight against the inevitable. Sometimes Allie is really annoying and irritating and although I liked the story, her character almost made me drop the book.

Douglas writes well and I just loved her world building. Her dialogue has witty humour and there are no dull moments in this book. There are parts that made me hold my breath and some parts that were more predictable and parts that almost prevented me finishing this book. But in general, the story has a good flow and pace, not too many pages wasted on irrelevant stuff.

It’s not the best book I’ve read, but the world is interesting enough to add the second one in the series to my to-read -list.

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