Red Death: Beer-Poached Pork

What a journey it was to read Jeff Altabef’s Red Death. I’m not a avid reader of young adult -genre but sometimes I make exceptions and I’m so glad that I made one with this book. If your taste in books linger anywhere near Tolkien, I bet that you’ll enjoy Red Death too.

I poundered quite some time whether I should make apple dish, you know, because of Eden and all… and then decided not. Roasted pork was eaten by Butcher Tribe on a breakfast and this is my version of it.

Beer Poached Pork

2500 g pork (top leg)

1 tbs sea salt

ground black pepper

5 dl beer of your choice, mine was an american pale ale


2 slices of hard, dried rye bread

2 tbs mustard

2 tbs apple jam

  1. Set the oven to 100 ºC. Take a deep oven dish or oven pot and put the whole pork in it. Season the meat with sea salt and black pepper. Pour the beer of your choice over the meat and add water, so that the liquid covers the pork. I used american pale ale but a stout would have been great too. Put a lid on top before putting the pot in to oven. Poach the meat for eight hours (I left it in the oven overnight).
  2. After 8 hours, take the meat out and lift it out of the pot. Cover the pork with aluminum foil and let it cool. The poaching liquid has served its purpose, so it can be thrown away.
  3. Heat the oven to 225 ºC. Take the dried slices of rye bread and put them into a plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin.
  4. Mix the mustard and apple jam together and coat the meat with the mixture. Then sprinkle the bread crumbs over the meat and put it into oven on a oven tray. Roast it for about 15-20 minutes.
  5. Serve with vegetables and potatoes.

Red DeathRed Death by Jeff Altabef
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eden is paradise and Edenites are the chosen people. The few tribes living outside Eden are Soulless, doomed to die the horribly by Red Death. Or that’s what the people inside the thick walls of Eden are taught.

Aaliss is highly trained guardian, sworn to protect Eden. Killing the Soulless is justified, they’re mere travesty of human beings, only good for research purposes. That’s before she starts to doubt. Her brother Wilky is a researcher and because of his breakthrough, the whole future changes, for everyone.

One day Aaliss happens to overhear a conversation, that leaves her no choice. She has to flee with Wilky, leave the safe haven of Eden to save herself and her little brother. And so they enter the great unknown. Their older brother Piers is left behind and as Aaliss and Wilky are accused of being traitors, he has to find out the truth. But not everyone wants the truth to be discovered and the price is high for those who doubt the powers that be.

On their journey, Aaliss and Wilkey meet new people, they gain unexpected friends and make new enemies. Everything they have learned and believed in becomes questionable. Whose truth is genuine?

The other POV’s in the book are of those who Aaliss and Wilky meet on their journey and they all play important role in the outcome of the story. So saddle up, sharpen your sword and join the adventure! It’s a breathtaking journey, full of magic, deceit, love and thrilling turn of events.

I must admit that I was little skeptical starting this book. A dystopia with multiple POV’s… but Jeff Altabef nailed it! The different POV’s intertwine beautifully and the flow of the story is seamless. The eternal battle between the good and the evil, envy and love between the brothers and the corrupting effect of power… it’s all there. It was hard to put this book down, the many layers of the story have a hold of you and that hold is tight until the end. And although the story will continue in books to come, it doesn’t end in a annoying cliffhanger but sort of reaches a plateau, leaving the reader smiling.

Learn more here: Jeff Altabef

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