Review compilation #1

My kitchen is still under construction, so I haven’t been able to cook any blog food, as my children call it when I concoct dishes out of the books I’ve read. But I have done some reading and here are the reviews.

Blood Fury by J.R.Ward is the third book in the Black Dagger Legacy series. There was a time when I thought, that I’d never ever give up on Black Dagger Brotherhood. But now I just might. The magic just isn’t there for me anymore. The only reason I keep reading is that I’m desperate for Phury’s story, that finally Ward would do right by him and give him the story he deserves. Not shadowed by his twin or be a one-line accessory for his brothers. I thought all of this while reading Blood Fury because there were moments, which brought back memories from the time when Ward still wrote five-star stories. Read the review here→

Still Waters by Anne Malcom is the first book in the Greenstone Security series. To truly understand the book and get into the story, you need to have read the books in Malcom’s Sons of Templar series. Which I haven’t and maybe that’s why I couldn’t quite feel the story of Lucy and Keltan. It was a good and haunting story, but still all the references to the Sons of Templar made me feel like I quite didn’t get the book, that there is inside information only known by Malcmo’s hardcore fans. Read the review here →

Whiskey and Lies is the new series by Carrie Ann Ryan. Whiskey Secrets is the first book set in a small town of Whiskey, telling the story of Dare Collins. Whiskey and Lies is Montgomery Ink spin-off, and some of the references made me wish that I had read all the books. I like Carrie Ann Ryan’s interpretation of brotherhood; it has kind of become her brand. Read the review here→


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