Riley Edwards: Unbroken pt.2 OUT NOW! The Collective episode 6!

Unbroken- part 2 - A second chance at love - The Collective Season 1 Episode 6Unbroken- part 2 – A second chance at love – The Collective Season 1 Episode 6 by Riley Edwards
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! Unbroken pt.2 is everything I anticipated and so much more. First of all, it ties together so many loose ends in The Collective -series, and second, after reading some of the events make sense now. But there are plenty of mysteries to uncover in the books to come. Connecting the dots is very much part of the allure of The Collective. I want to know who the bastard is killing the women and terrorizing everyone.

Ava was kidnapped at the end of the pt.1, and this book continues straight from there. The suspense is thrilling, we get glimpses what happens inside the brain of a madman and hold our breath as Ava struggles for her life. I like the family first -attitude of the people near to her, everyone is ready to risk their lives to get one of their own home safe. I adore Edwards’ males, the cabable men who stand their ground and never break their promises. Reid, Mac, Austin… I love them all. And Jacob, Ava’s husband that started this series, is beautifully entwined in the story too, kind of like a beacon in the night guiding his loved ones. Edwards writes strong characters, even the ones not in the middle of the action have earned their spots in the story. Reading this, I felt like none of the characters were there just be accessories for the protagonists.

Lives are lost, and people get hurt. And Ava carries the burden of that; she blames herself. This story has the serial killer in focus, but it is also about Ava and Reid finding the way to make peace with their pasts, even when life throws curveballs on their way. Or landmines.

Riley Edwards has written an amazing book, the suspense sends chills down your spine, and the love melts your heart. Everything so well combined and captivating that you’re unable to put the book down until the very last line. And she definitely leaves you hungry for more.


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