Savage Truth: Sweet Chili Hot Dog

The first read of 2017 is Savage Truth by Kathleen Kelly.  Savage Truth is the first in The Grinders -series. In the middle of the book I started to think that for this post I want to cook something all -American. Had it been summer, it would probably been barbecue, but now I pondered between mac & cheese and hot dogs. The hot dogs won.

Savage Truth has so much potential, but it quite doesn’t reach it.  It’s a story of a boy, coming from the most tragic background one can have. He is saved by the music and becomes a world-famous rockstar. This book has so many emotions but I had issues with the timeline and characters lacking depth. Still, Savage Truth inspired one of the tastiest dishes so far in this blog.

Savage Truth (The Grinders Book 1)Savage Truth by Kathleen Kelly
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is a story about the American dream. Everything’s possible if you believe in yourself, no matter what the starting point in your life is. Truth represents the essentials of a dream come true.

First there is a girl named Faithful. She’s tired of being nobody. She thinks that captain of the football team is her way to popularity. And sort of he is, but it isn’t the reputation she hoped for. But what is done, is done. Then she meets Dexter, 26-year old, soon to be doctor. He falls for her, immediately and hard. He’s the first one to show Faith what love is. And then she becomes pregnant with Truthful and they get married. Family life isn’t all bliss and she learns it the hard way when they have more children. They way it end is very tragic and heartbreaking.

Truth ends up in the foster care system and if it wasn’t for Samuel, the outcome might have been as tragic as his mother’s was. But Truth picks up guitar and is phenomenal at it. Samuel hooks him up with the right people in the business and a so begins the fairytale of The Grinders. Truth gets lost in the stardom and fights hard to find his way back. Lucky for him, he meets Rosie. She’s the best thing he could wish for and for her, he strives to be a better man. And then the book ends, with a cliffhanger.

The excerpt said that this is fast paced novel and it certainly was. The story made such a fast forwards on the timeline leaving me little dumbfounded. I definitely felt like big parts of the story was left untold. Years just happen without any explanation and then page after page you read about one wedding day. To me it made no sense. Of course it was a very special wedding day in so many levels. But still…

This story tries to be so many things at the same time and the faults are matter of outlining. To me the best part of the book was the beginning; story of Faith and Dex. Beautifully written with so many emotions. But then the story loses its flow and I couldn’t connect with the characters anymore. It was sad, because the storyline was worth of five stars.

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