Scandalous by L.J.Shen & Beef Tortillas


My favorite passage in this book was about Luna, Trent’s daughter. It had nothing and everyhting to do with the main couple. Because it was Luna (and Trent’s contempt for Edie’s father) that brought Edie and Trent together.

I loved my daughter hopelessly, desperately, urgently. Which only made my inability to help her all the more soul-crushing. The idea that she’d given up on people, or maybe even worse – on her life, before it even started infuriated me. I wanted to show her that the world was a beautiful, frightening place worth experiencing. ( L.J. Shen: Scandalous, 23% Kindle edition)

Beautiful words ♥

The tortillas are insipired by Edie, they are something that I imagine her eating by the beach, her surfboard next to her, leaning on the wall.  For Edie, I’ve filled the tortilla with sautéed bell peppers and onion, beef, corn and devil’s jam.

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Scandalous (Sinners of Saint, #3)Scandalous by L.J. Shen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Scandalous is a well written story of Edie and Trent, an 18-year-old girl and 33-year-old single father. A high school graduate and tough businessman.

Edie’s trying to get away from her father. She just wants to surf and be free. Her father is a ruthless asshole who has ruined the life of her mother up to the point that she’s only a hollow shell of a human being. He has a firm hold of Edie too and no matter what, she has to comply with his rules and demands. If she doesn’t, he’s going to take the one thing that matters away from her.

Trent is a street wise man, who has built his business from scratch and now plays ball with the big boys. He has a daughter who hasn’t uttered a word since her mother left them both, never to be heard from again. He doesn’t date; he just has sex. With her daughter’s therapist, with the PI he hired to find her mother.

When Edie’s and Trent’s paths cross, it isn’t love at first sight, no even attraction. But it turns into a physical relationship, and he regards her as clay, his to mold in whatever way pleases him.

Edie’s and Trent’s relationship is somewhat unconventional, both in it for selfish reasons. I just couldn’t relate to this couple on any level. L.J. Shen writes well, but this time her words were unable to reach me. The story didn’t weigh enough to break the surface and dive deeper to emotionally touch me.




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