Happy Release Day LS Anders! Sevin – Mythical Ink pt.2 is live!

LS Anders has released the second book in her Mythical Ink series, Sevin.

Sevin is a half-blood shifter, trying to find his place. He doesn’t fit in the wolf pack, because only pureblooded males get mates. He doesn’t fit in the human world, because the existence of his kind has to be kept secret.

But destiny can’t be ruled, and action-filled events lead Sevin to a crossroads, where he has to choose whether it is his heart or reason he wants to follow. And there’s a big surprise at the end of the book that had at least me start the countdown for Mythical Ink pt. 3!

Sevin (Mythical Ink #2)Sevin by L.S. Anders
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sevin, a half-blood shifter, is being chased. His former pack is out to get him and relentless in their quest to kill him. The chase ends up in an almost fatal accident, and the aftermath rocks his world like never before. He knows that anything long-term with a human wouldn’t be tolerated by his family consisting of a demon and an angel. But there’s something in Janie that keeps him coming back to her, and it isn’t just animal attraction.

“She was different though. Something about her made him want to set aside his whoring days and settle down with one woman.”
(Location 1027 Kindle edition)

The struggle for Sevin is real; he knows first hand that life can be hell if you’re not a pureblood shifter. Will he listen to his heart or obey rule not to get involved with a human?

I love the way LS Anders writes paranormal romance and the world she has built in Mythical Ink -series is just fantastic! Nothing in the story feels forced, it flows effortlessly, and it has some pretty funny dialogue too.

“Get out of the way, hippie,” Vex groused, shouldering his way past Lucian. “Where’s our puppy?”
(Location 1588 Kindle edition)

Like, in what reality a demon lives with an angel and calls him a hippie? Or their adopted wolf shifter son a puppy? Well, LS Anders has created one, and I love spending time there! What I love most in her creation, that nothing is over the top. Her characters, be it human or otherworldly, go through life with the same struggles and moments of happiness like everyone else. Well, maybe not like everyone else, but the way LS depicts her characters lives, it is just life that happens and no matter who you are, there’s only so much one can do to control their destiny.

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