The Best of 2016

First year of Taste of Tales – blog is almost over and I love to end it by celebrating the best. I’m still learning to be a blogger although this first year has taught me a lot.

What has been most heartwarming is being noticed by some of the authors, that have been featured in my blog this year. Just ‘s in the Twitter and Instagram , small things that have a big meaning.

So, in 2016 I’ve read 55 books. 38 of those books were featured in my blog and out of those 38 books, three earned 5 stars.

I take reviewing and rating seriously. I’d like to explain my ratings; three stars means that I’ve liked a book, a lot. Four stars means that I’ve loved it and if I give a book five stars, it has touched me emotionally. Five stars means that the author has left an imprint on my soul with their writing, that I have connected with the characters in very personal level and that I will definitely re-read the book (probably over and over again).

Five star ratings are reserved for very special books, for books that take you on a emotional rollercoaster ride and by the end of that ride, they leave your hair tousled and make-up smeared wondering what the hell hit you.

My five star books 2016

Carian Cole: Torn

Amo Jones: Razing Grace pt.1

Darynda Jones: The Curse of Tenth Grave

The Most Beautiful Title

Autumn Grey: Fall Back Skyward

The Best Dishes (voted by my family, who has to eat everything. “Is this a blog food?” is a common question in our household.)

Blueberry Pancakes from Chasing Sam by Krystal Shannan

Breakfast by Mr. Baine from For 100 Days by Lara Adrian

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza from Marked by Gwen Knight

Chicken Cordon Bleu from Vandal by Carian Cole


This was the best of 2016 in Taste of Tales. Other blogs are choosing the best authors and book covers, but I want to do this a bit differently. I still don’t care about genre (well, maybe I’m ready to admit myself that YA has passed me by), it’s always what’s between the covers what matters the most. And we have very exciting 2017 just around the corner… so many new releases from my favourite authors.

Have a happy New Year and welcome to my diner in 2017!

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