The Best of 2017

It has been couple of silent weeks here in Taste of Tales, but I have a legit explanation. I’m getting my kitchen (and whole ground floor renovated / re-done), so the whole family of four plus two hovawart’s and two cats are sharing one bedroom and the laundry room has become our living space/kitchen. Thank God we have running water and electricity.

So, this is what our kitchen looked like a week ago… safe to say, it’ll be couple of moore weeks before it’ll be done. Until then, there will be no cooking in this blog but reviewing books will continue just the same.

keittiö ilman lattiaa

The best of 2017. I completed my GoodReads challenge of reading 60 books last year and I reviewed 46 of them here in my blog. Out of those 46 books, there were six worth of five stars and here they are:

Carian Cole: Loving Storm  

Riley Edwards: Unbroken pt.2

Nicola Haken: Who We Are

Amo Jones: Razing Grace pt.2

Darynda Jones: Eleventh Grave in the Moonlight

Stacy Von Haegert: Lords

There are many exciting new releases coming in 2018 and I wish everyone thrilling and exciting moments between the pages!

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