The Chosen: Pasta Alla Norma

The Chosen is the newest episode in the Black Dagger Brotherhood saga. Since I first read Dark Lover, I’ve been a fan of the series and Ward. J.R. Ward gave me Phury with whom I connect in so many levels… It was the Brotherhood that kept me afloat during one of the most difficult times in my personal life, the escape hatch when the reality was just too much. So I never thought that this day might come, the day when I’d say that I’m not sure if I will continue reading the series.

I have forgiven her many mistakes considering the timeline, rules of her world, ignoring some of the Brothers and doing wrong by them… But changing completely the personalities of the characters, making them act in ways that are not plausible, that is a bit too much. And reincarnation. With John Matthew, it was done with skill, but with Selena, it’s just sad. If it’s done this way, why bother? Like I wrote in my review, dead people should stay dead. No ghosts (what a joke has that become, and it totally trashed Vishous, one of my favorite characters) and please, no carbon copies that are there just to please the readers who were upset when Selena died.

For this blogpost I chose Pasta Alla Norma. It wasn’t eaten in the book, but it was mentioned as one of the dishes that got I’Am the respect of the Italian community when he took over Salvatore’s. I’m glad that I chose it, because my family totally loved it. It is simple, full of flavor and easy to make.

The Chosen (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #15)The Chosen by J.R. Ward
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Never before I’ve been able to put a BDB novel down and read something else before I’m finished with it. Well, there’s a first for everything. So it is safe to say that I didn’t like The Chosen as much as I anticipated.

In fact, I was quite disappointed. I mean, did Ward just waltz in the King’s office and shout “Personality transplants, everyone? And while I’m on it, I’ll just throw out most of the rules of the world I’ve created.” I think that there is a difference between bending the rules a little to make the story work and ignoring the fundamental rules you’ve built your whole series on. So from now on, HEA isn’t forever. If you choose to, you can overlook the fact that you’ve bonded. All the crimes are forgiven whether or not they are punishable by death.

What I did like about in The Chosen were all the Wrath scenes. I just love when he goes all King on everyone. I love how Warden portraits his strength, authority, and attitude. But I was disappointed in the overflowing forgiveness in this book, Xcor was not punished for his crime against the crown.

Blaylock. Always been one of my favorite and still continues to be. Loved him in The Chosen too. And to stay on the positive note, there’s some serious lesser action, so the old enemy is back! And of course, there’s a lot of the Band of Bastards. They are intriguing characters, and I love the whole honor code that they live by.

I also liked Qhuinn at the beginning where he lashed out on Layla because all he said was exactly my thoughts. I have never been fond of Layla, mostly because I think that she has betrayed the King and the Brotherhood in a way that can’t be forgiven. And too often she comes across as whiny and selfish. And the thing that I don’t get is that everyone else has paid a hefty price for their HEA but after all the traitorous schemes, Layla gets everything and is forgiven for all her crimes. From my perspective, she’s just a freeloader, who’s using her past position as a Chosen and everyone around her for her personal gain.

What I didn’t like, well the let me start with the scene involving Qhuinn, firearms and Rhampage & Lyric. That was just so out of character! And then how of an asshole he was towards Blay and Lyric for the most of the book. So not Qhuinn!

Vishous. It must have been a body double in this book because this was not the V I’ve learned to know in the series. And where the hell was Phury again? Oh, we got him on two pages. Again, I’m complaining about the same thing that I had trouble with in The Shadows. Shouldn’t Phury as the protector and guardian of the Chosen be there, when one of his own acts like a wrecking ball?

Trez and Therese. Just a sad way to please the readers. Would have been better if done in the same way as Darius/John Matthew – reincarnation. Dead people should stay six feet under, no ghosts, no carbon copies.

And the ending was too mushy. One big happy family… not plausible and IMO some other choice for living arrangements would have worked better considering the story flow and what we know of the characters.

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