The Jukebox

On this page I want to share some of my music choices. These songs have lyrics that in my opinion somehow resemble the story, the characters or the vibe in the book or the emotions that the story has evoked in me.

Carian Cole: Torn
Negative: Still Alive  – this is for Asher and Ember
Apocalyptica: Strong Enough – Toren

Autumn Grey: Fall Back Skyward
Volbeat: For Evigt – Cole and Eleanor

Amo Jones: Razing Grace
Slipknot:Psychosocial – Raze

David Litwack: The Children of Darkness
Nightwish: Elán – The journey of Orah, Thomas and Nathaniel
Camryn Rhys: Heart of Fire
Reckless Love: Wild TouchKyle and Jaime 

Trudy Stiles: Epic Love
Apocalyptica: Bitter Sweet – Heath and Noelle

J.R.Ward: Lover Awakened
Sentenced: Rain keeps falling down – Tohrment

J.R.Ward: Lover Revealed
Brother Firetribe: For Better or For Worse – Butch and Marissa

J.R.Ward: Lover Enshrined
Poisonblack: Halfway bar -Phury