The Replacement: Lime N’ Garlic Chicken & Oven-Roasted Vegetables

The Replacement by Jason Pellegrini has been waiting on my Kindle for a while now. It is his debut novel and it was published in January 2015. He has mentioned Stephen King as his influence and you can sense that influence in Pellegrini’s writing. But in no way is he copying what King’s done before him, Pellegrini has found his unique voice and talent.

The Replacement is about Patrick Sullivan, former NYPD officer who is swept up into a murder investigation of Nassau County Police Department, officially to be the replacement for soon to be retired detective Hawkins. The Replacement is an intense story and you can read my whole opinion of it further down on this post.

The inspiration for the dish for this book came from Patrick Sullivan’s wife Claire. She made it in the book and because of all the praise Patrick was giving for his wife’s cooking, I had to make lime and garlic chicken served with oven-roasted vegetables too.



The ReplacementThe Replacement by Jason Pellegrini
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Jason Pellegrini has a way with words. The story didn’t loose its hold of me for a second.

Ghosts riding shotgun, very sadistic serial killer, new job and great expectations, marriage with the love of your life and saviour… this book has it all. Brilliantly written, smooth story flow and intense scenes… some of the scenes concerning the victims of the serial killer were very graphic but not in a tacky way.

I loved how Pellegrini granted us entrance into the protagonist, Patrick Sullivan. He portayed the mind of a detective with haunting past and perhaps some anger management issues very well. And the conclusion or disclosure Patrick came to at the end was a real surprise and in the other hand, I understood him 100%.

Jason Pellegrini is talented and if you want to read a thriller with a twist, I definitely recommend.



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