Torn: Filet Mignon

Carian Cole’s latest book Torn was released this week on Monday. It’s the first in her new Devils Wolves -series. It’s been a long time since waiting for a book release has made me this anxious to get my hands on the book. Let’s just say, that Carian’s teasers did their job better than well, on the release day I was practically squirming with anticipation. And Torn was worth the wait!

I view Torn as a love story, a story of how you can’t choose who you fall in love with. Fate works in mysterious ways that we have no control of. Some may consider Torn a taboo romance, since Tor and Kenzi meet for the first time when she’s just a newborn and Tor is 15, just asked to be her godfather. But anything that might happen in the book, happens between two consensual adults. How Tor and Kenzi end up together might be unconventional, but Carian has written it beautifully, it makes all the sense in the world. 

In the story Kenzi makes Toren dinner several times, she has been coming to his house to do chores for years to earn her own money. But this dinner is special, when she makes Tor filet mignon and smashed potatoes. And you’ll know why it is special when you’ve read the book. But the quote I’ve chosen is from another scene. Tor and Kenzi have had a tradtion throwing a penny and making a wish since forever and they’ve always shared their wishes, never kept them secret from each other.

You’re where I always wanted to be.
It was obvious he didn’t want to say those words. But something inside made him say it, like he had to say it, like they were eating at him, threatening him to let them out. The taboo of what could be hiding in the depths of him awakens a part of me that feels like it’s been waiting, patiently, silently for him to come.
Warmth starts in my stomach and spreads like a slow fire, down between my thighs, and up to my chest. My pulse speeds up as I watch him, my head becoming light.
I can’t think.
I should be scared. I should recognize this as wrong, I should go inside.
But I’m not, and I don’t, and I can’t, because he suddenly looks over at me and smiles, holding my lost penny up triumphantly like my eternal hero, and it chases all those doubts away, leaving the truth staring me right in the face.
We are an us.
(Carian Cole: Torn, 24 % Kindle edition)

Filet Mignon
tenderloin of beef, about 150 g / diner
1 tbs butter
1 tbs olive oil
ground black pepper

1.Filet mignon is cut from the narrow end of the beef tenderloin, about 4-4,5 cm thick. As they are small steaks, you should have 2-3 for each diner. I didn’t have beef, so I used the tenderloin of venison.
2.Take the meat into room temperature at least half an hour before cooking. Use your hands to mold the steak. Dry the surface of the meat with kitchen towel.
2. Heat a cast iron pan on high heat, melt the butter and add olive oil. Sear the each side of the beef and then lower the heat to cook them medium.
3. Season the steaks with ground black pepper and salt.

Sauteéd carrots
300 g carrots
2 tbs butter
2 cloves of garlic
bunch of fresh thyme

1. Peel the carrots. Fill a pot with water and bring it to boil. Add the carrots and cook them until they’re almost done. They should be al denté.
2. Let the carrots cool and them cut them into small pieces.
3. Take a frying pan, heat it on mediun heat and add the 1 tbs butter.
4. Peel the garlic cloves. When the butter is melted, grate the garlic cloves on it and sauté them.
5. Chop the thyme fine and add it into the pan with the cut carrots. Add 1 tbs butter and sauté them on medium heat so that carrots are soft and flavours are infused.

Torn (Devils Wolves, #1)Torn by Carian Cole

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There’s so much I want to say about Torn and still I’m without words…

Amazing! Beautiful! Carian Cole has done it again and she keeps getting better book by book. She has such a talent to write emotions that leave a trail of goosebumps on reader’s skin. And reading Torn, I was shivering.

Torn is about an exceptional relationship, it’s foundation is laid when Toren holds his best friensds’ newborn, Kenzi. And, before making any presumptions, there is nothing perverted or illegal going on in the book. Everything that happens, happens between two consensual adults. But I loved, how we get to see glimpses of the past along the pages, it is clear that their fate is inevitable. And it brings so much more depth to the characters. The turmoil of feelings that both Tor and Kenzi go through together and individually was so well written.

And how can you not love Carian Cole’s men? Walking orgasm as described by one of the female characters in the book. And I always adore, how she writes these rough, rugged males that are so beautiful inside. Well, mostly on the outside too. And her females are no wall flowers either. Talk about strong women, who know what they want and refuse to be bystanders of their own lives. Just like Kenzi.

The story is about growing up, accetance, not giving up on the things you believe in and above all, it’s about believing in love. That it truyly can conquer all, no matter what, if you are true to yourself and those close to you.

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