Welcome to Kc’s fiction feast!

I love good food and good books, and that’s what this blog is all about, food inspired by my favorite novels.

I admire authors greatly, their talent to create whole worlds within covers of a book. Books are my escape hatch, between the pages of a book is an excellent place to be. My favorite books have taken me on an emotional rollercoaster ride, and by the end of that journey, I was left my hair tousled, and make-up smeared wondering what the hell hit me.

Creating dishes inspired by the books I read is my way to participate the stories. Depending on the novel, I cook something straight out the pages and sometimes the story gives me an idea, and I make something that in my mind resembles the story or its characters.

I don’t only cook; I also review each book featured here on the blog. The reviews can be found in the post, in GoodReads and since September 2016 also on Amazon.

If I read a book, I will review it. Sometimes it’s five stars, and sometimes it’s two stars. But I don’t want to limit this blog only to five-star reviews. Why? Because I believe in honesty and integrity. When I review a book, it’s my honest opinion, always.

I take reviewing and rating seriously. I’d like to explain my ratings; three stars means that I’ve liked a book, a lot. Four stars indicate that I’ve loved it and if I give a book five stars, it has touched me emotionally. Five stars mean that the author has left an imprint on my soul with their writing, that I have connected with the characters in very personal level and that I will definitely re-read the book (probably over and over again).

Music is a big part of my life; I listen to it always. So I’ve added Jukebox -page, where you can find my playlist inspired by the books I read.

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