Who We Are: Sausage Casserole

So full of emotion, so raw and… I’m at a loss for words. I knew that Nicola Haken has incredible talent, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she can rock my world. Again. Nicola Haken is my favorite M/M -author; I just love how her books have romance, real life struggle, sizzling hot sex and her HEA’s never come easy. I loved Who We Are, see my review below the recipe.

For this blogpost I chose a recipe for sausage casserole because Sebastian and Tyler ate it in a very meaningful scene in the book. I don’t want to spoil the story by revealing more about that scene, but it was one of the many scenes in the book that got me emotional, and Nicola definitely nailed it.

Who We AreWho We Are by Nicola Haken
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Who we are is the story of Sebastian and Oliver and what story it is. I loved every word of it.

Oliver is guardian to his little brother. He has been the adult in the household since they lost their mother to cancer decade ago. Tyler is Oliver’s top priority; he always comes first. Oliver has put his life on hold so that Tyler could have the best childhood he’d be able to give him.

There was a time when Oliver had dreams, goals in life but he has given up all that for Tyler. Only once a week, he puts on glittery makeup, high heels, and wig and takes the stage as Miss Tique. Miss Tique is sassy, confident, quick-witted and fabulous. She’s Oliver’s chance to be free of worries and everyday life.

Sebastian has had problems in all of his relationships in the past. Being bisexual does that. It isn’t enough that he knows who he is, he needs a partner who is as confident. A partner who accepts him as he is and doesn’t constantly doubt him. On a rare night out he meets Oliver, who’s waiting tables at a restaurant just to make ends meet. There’s immediate connection, and both Sebastian and Oliver feel it.

There is not much I can write without spoiling the story. This story is about acceptance, about being true to yourself. It is also about how easily it is to get lost in your responsibilities, to forget yourself in benefit of others. Who We Are is a story of love, admitting that needing someone isn’t about being weak. The novel is a beautiful portrait of a relationship, the canvas filled with every color on the palette. The story me laugh, the dialogue was hilarious at times. It made me cry, the cruelty of fate so unfair. The ending made me happy; it gave me hope.

Nicola Haken has written heart-wrenching story about the fight you face when your worst fears come true. She also writes so well about the struggle within the LGBT community; it’s not free of prejudice. She has written so beautifully about the fact that life is too short to hide your true self, to let the other people dictate how you should live your life. On your deathbed, one shouldn’t have to regret not having dared to live life to the fullest.







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